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About Us

When two people, one with a fascination for the best gemstones of the world and the other having a creative bone, collaborated, Mars Jewelry was born!

Gemstones can never disappoint anyone, and nothing can beat their attraction when there is a variety. And making the best gemstones embedded in stylish jewelry available to you is our responsibility.

We are a wholesale jewelry manufacturer and exporter based in Jaipur, India. We aim to fulfill every retailer’s and reseller’s dream of having beautiful gemstone jewelry in their collection. This is irrespective of their location, size, type, or investment.

Mars Jewelry has the backing of its co-founders’ experience, making it the most credible and authentic choice for buying wholesale gemstone jewelry across the globe. We guarantee the use of only pure 925 sterling silver in our jewelry, which comes in yellow gold and rose gold vermeil. The silver metal holds the gorgeous gems in place to create jewelry that reaches the retail outlets.

Our gemstones pass a multi-layer scrutiny process to ensure that only the best ones reach our production unit. They are then embedded in jewelry to be included in your collection. Along with desirable designs, authenticity and strength are the essential aspects of our jewelry. And to go a step further, we make casting jewelry designs for our clients to give their collection a unique touch.

Experts In Customized Jewelry

We at Mars Jewelry understand the exclusive needs of our clients. Also, we are well aware that they know their market better than we do. This motivates us to create custom designs for them. We focus on helping our clients be the best jewelry retailer in their market and do everything within our control to make that possible. Once they associate with us, with an easy and hassle-free registration process, they don’t have to go anywhere else.

Our designs include a collection of more than 50 gemstones, with Moonstone, Opal, Labradorite, Larimar, Jaspers, and Agates being the most popular and preferred ones. The jewelry collection has more than 100 designs of necklaces, earrings, pendants, and rings.

We aim to provide our clients everything from variety to authenticity to purity to credibility and everything expected from a wholesale jewelry manufacturing and exporting company. Once you become a part of our community, we ensure that you get all your wholesale jewelry requirements taken care of.

What to expect on becoming our authentic reseller?

~ Variety, reliability, and authenticity in every purchase

~ Timely order delivery as we cautiously provide near to exact production and delivery time

~ No burden of maintaining heavy inventory with our adjustable jewelry designs to fit every size 

~ The convenience of getting custom jewelry designs without extra effort

~ Getting beautiful jewelry at an unmatched price that comes with a guarantee

~ Gaining the most convenient wholesale jewelry buying experience

We take pride in being the connecting bridge between the manufacturers and retailers in the wholesale jewelry supply chain. Our clients’ trust gives us the confidence to keep moving ahead. We are happy to stay grounded despite the massive success we have had in recent times.

More than anything else, our most significant achievement lies in giving back to nature what we take from it in various ways.

Things we consider to ensure the ethical creation of jewelry:

~ Ethically sourced gemstones

~ Aptly treated waste before it is disposed

~ Properly drafted and well-communicated policies for our employees
~ Providing support, necessary safety equipment, and medical cover to our artisans.

We are the best wholesale jewelry manufacturer and supplier for your retail business. We want to change the way gemstone silver jewelry is looked at with our authenticity, range, and collections.

Connect with us to get the best wholesale jewelry buying experience of your life!