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Wholesale Sterling Silver Studded Labradorite Jewelry

Labradorite is one of the most populart gemstones due to its great appearance. It is a perfect for making jewelry in 925 silver and even in 14k gold vermeil labradorite jewelry. It is a trending stone since it was discovered due to it blue and multi-color sheen. Labradorite comes in dark colors and is generally given a glossy finish to create labradorite stone jewelry. Natural labradorite ring and authentic labradorite necklace is one of the main reasons that Mars Jewellery came into existence as they were amongst the first production batch.

Silver labradorite jewelry made by Mars Jewellery are made with exceptional quality. Jewelry made by using labradorites are of highest grade and the artisans does wonders to the jewelry by putting their efforts into it. We deal with all types of jewelry which includes authentic labradorite pendants, high finish Labradorite rings, beautiful labradorite earrings, amazing rough labradorite necklaces and mesmerizing labradorite bracelets. When we make jewelry we promise to make the best quality labradorite jewelry. Quality driven wholesale labradorite Jewelry

A real Labradorite will have a brilliant blue sheen when we place it in front of the light. This sheen is main reason for liking the stones and makes it stand out from the rest of the stones. It comes in different shades and quality and more blue it is the better labradorite quality it carries. And then if it is dull or of multi color then it is of lower grading. We always try to use the best quality of labradortes when it comes to making the jewelry. We follow a strict quality check at the time of making any jewelry piece and requires a great eye to make labradorite bracelets. The most prominent place for finding labradorite gemstones are Canada. However, Norway, Finland, Madagascar, China, Australia, Slovakia, and the USA are some other sources of labradorite.

At Mars Jewellery, we source the gemstones very ethically to do as minimum damage to the environment as possible. And get the most authentic and beautiful ones. This is the reason our blue labradorite jewelry is loved by jewelry retailers worldwide.Labradorite gemstone, the gem of beauty and magic

Along with the visual appeal labradorite also carries some healing powers and vibrations around the wearer, as it clears the aura and strengthens the will of the wearer and improves the power of imagination. This happens because it will keep the gem in direct contact with your body and close to your heart. So having sterling silver labradorite jewelry will not only upgrade your retail collections but will give divine benefits to your customers. This will make them trust you even more. Mars Jewellery~ Place where every piece is made with diligence

If you’re a reseller and looking to wholesale or retail Labradorite Jewelry, then Mars Jewelry has your back and would love to start a new journey of suppliing jewelry at factory pricing. We are emerging as one of the most sought globally trusted online seller for sterling silver jewelry. We not only make labradorite collection but we deal in more than 100+ gemstones which includes opal, moonstone , and turquoise jewelry are also very popular.

Mars Jewellery, a place where jewelry requirements are being fulfilled is a manufacturer and wholesaler of sterling silver jewelry. It also caters to customers from the website to the Wholesale Distributor 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry and suppliers based in India. We strive to provide the best quality jewelry and the most promising jewelry collections and other services to our members. We certainly have some added benefits which we give to your esteemed clients so that they can sell their jewelry at the best prices. We have a free delivery policy on all orders irrespective of the location Along with that, we also provide quantity discounts on all bulk purchases. All the offers apply to wholesale chalcedony jewelry and other chalcedony jewelry collections. You can also get the best jewelry pieces in other stones which include wholesale larimar, mookaite, turquoise, labradorite jewelry, and many more. So it's just the registration that needs to be done on our website and we take approvals on priority. Once approved, you can enjoy a great experience of buying jewelry with utmost transparency. Finally, you'll get the same quality and piece (In handmade) that you see.

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