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Our Collections

Our Collections

An extensive range of wholesale gemstone jewelry


Silver Bracelets


Silver Pendants


Silver Earrings


Silver Rings

About Mars Jewellery

About Mars Jewellery

We are a wholesale jewelry manufacturer and exporter based in Jaipur, India. We aim to fulfill every retailer’s and reseller’s dream of having beautiful gemstone jewelry in their collection. We use only pure 925 sterling silver in our jewelry, which comes in yellow gold and rose gold vermeil. Our gemstones pass a multi-layer scrutiny process to ensure that only the best ones reach our production unit. We aim to provide our clients everything from variety to authenticity to purity to credibility. We want to change the way gemstone silver jewelry is looked at with our authenticity, range, and collections.
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Our Bestselling Gemstones

Our Bestselling Gemstones

The gemstones that have been adding grace to the resellers collections around the globe


Customized Jewelry - You Imagine, We Create

We specialize in creating jewelry that is customized as per your requirements. This is done to provide our clients the best and most in-demand jewelry. And once they become Mars Jewellery’s authorized reseller, they get all their requirements fulfilled in one place. We get immense satisfaction in creating every jewelry item that enhances your collections. It gives you the privilege to choose from different gemstones and metal colors. You can either send us your design or mix and match our existing designs to create an absolutely new design. We follow our quality standards while manufacturing every item for any customized order you give us.
Customized Jewelry in one Order

Our Loose Gemstones Collection

Our Loose Gemstones Collection

We pick each gemstone so perfectly that it creates the most authentic, gorgeous, and flawless jewelry for our collection. These gems are so beautiful that many gemstone enthusiasts and even retailers cannot resist the urge to buy loose gemstones from us. Sometimes they are kept in the collection or given to loved ones as a gift, or some small units use them to create their own jewelry. We cater to all their requirements with our exclusive ‘Loose Gemstones Collection.’
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Mars Jewelry - Your Only Destination For Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry Requirements

Mars Jewellery is a wholesale jewelry manufacturer and supplier that the jewelry resellers all around the World trust. We aim to maintain our credibility with flawless gems and pure 925 sterling silver for creating each piece of jewelry that holds the stamp of our brand. While creating Mars Jewellery, we always had the idea of making the wholesale jewelry buying experience convenient for every jewelry reseller. We always focused on fulfilling all their requirements in one place.

The Epitome Of Variety And Quality

At Mars Jewellery, we produce a variety of jewelry with different gemstones and vermeil. Our jewelry range of more than 100 ready to dispatch designs involves earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and rings. These items come in different options to give our clients a wide range of jewelry from which they can choose. Our collection of more than 50 beautiful gemstones comes in finishes, including raw, faceted, and cabochon gems. The metal comes in three colors, viz., silver, rose gold, and yellow gold. These things can be paired up in various combinations, thus giving our wholesale gemstone jewelry collection a massive output.

Our Differentiating Qualities

Being in touch with our customers and working on their specific requirements keeps us in the top position among the most preferred Indian wholesale jewelry manufacturers and suppliers. Moreover, we promise quality and authenticity that every piece of jewelry leaving our manufacturing unit carries with itself. Along with this, we have the most extensive range of gemstone jewelry collections that can cater to the needs and requirements of every retailer. These gems are such that they fit perfectly with your jewelry to enhance its beauty. We have a hassle-free registration process with instant approval to save the time and effort of our clients.

Premium Benefits For Our Authorized Resellers

When you become the authorized reseller of Mars Jewellery, you are entitled to various members’ exclusive benefits.

Some of which are mentioned here:

  • Complete access to our wide jewelry range
  • Ensured timely delivery
  • Customized jewelry in one order
  • Redeemable reward points
  • Extensive quality check
  • Most extensive range of jewelry designs
  • Easy returns and cancellations

Our Contribution To The Community

Being one of the most preferred jewelry manufacturers and suppliers, we understand our duties toward nature and society. This inspires us to give back to the community, so we do our share with these things.

  • Appropriately treated waste before being disposed of
  • Well-drafted and explained employee-policy
  • Essential safety gears for our miners and artisans
  • Tree plantation drives once every 4-6 months
  • Voluntary education camps for the less privileged
  • Putting a part of our income into our NGO for Stays

We get a sense of satisfaction, honesty, and purity in our hearts by doing all these things. It can also be seen in our jewelry. Every wholesale gemstone jewelry item made goes through an absolutely guilt-free process.

By giving access to our most authentic and gorgeous gemstone jewelry collection, we take pride in making you the best jewelry retailer in your market.

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