Mars Sterling Silver Jewelry - The Ultimate Style Guide

Jewelry is not a mere accessory but something that can enrich or blemish your overall appearance depending on the usage in the right or wrong fashion.


Although jewelry, especially sterling silver jewelry, never fails to fascinate anyone, one has to be very careful about it for different occasions and apparel. For instance, you may have a sterling silver gemstone studded necklace that you cannot get enough of and your favorite cute little black dress. But these two may not go equally well together. In fact, there are chances that they may lose their individual charms when worn together.


So to carry out the best look, it is essential to understand the jewelry styling hacks. And in this blog, we will talk about precisely that. So let's see what these are.

Top 7 Sterling Silver Jewelry Styling Tips


1.   Statement Jewelry For A Bold Character


When you are bold and fearless, why not let your jewelry speak loud and clear for yourself. Wear heavy statement silver jewelry items to bring your character to the surface.


The best option here is to get one-of-a-kind jewelry created exclusively for you. These jewelry items have a unique combination of gemstones in beautiful designs and patterns.

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2.   Minimal Jewelry For An Elegant Look


This is perfect for carrying out the everyday look. Whether you are going to a cafe to grab your afternoon coffee, a book launch, or meeting an old friend, it will work wonders.


This may include a cute little pendant in a silver chain or even wholesale 925 sterling silver rings on your manicured hands. No matter what, this look can never go wrong and will only add grace to your appearance.


Mars Sterling Silver Jewelry - The Ultimate Style Guide

3.   Layers To Add The Bling


Stackable rings and layered chains never go out of style. In fact, as elegant as they may look, there is a brilliance they carry. It becomes the best option if you neither want to go absolutely basic nor overdo it.


These are basically minimal jewelry items worn together for an enriching experience. So these go well with almost every look and occasion.


4.   A Focal Point To Grab Attention


Wear one heavy sterling silver jewelry item paired with a few little ones. This will make it the point of focus or the star jewelry piece.


Here you should also never underestimate the importance of those small jewelry items. They may not be the focal points themselves but contribute significantly to developing the overall look.


Mars Sterling Silver Jewelry - The Ultimate Style Guide

5.   Gemstone Silver Jewelry To Add Colors


Colors always add a pop to everything, and this holds true even in the case of jewelry. So to make your look a little playful and stylish, you can always go for your favorite gemstone studded sterling silver jewelry.


Luckily enough, sterling silver is so gorgeous that it remains compatible with almost every gem when it comes to looks. This is the reason why Moonstone jewelry in India is gaining popularity.


6.   Matching Different Vermeils For A Variety


Wearing only plain sterling silver jewelry all the time may get a little bit overwhelming sometimes. Here the best thing you can do is wear other colors with your sterling silver jewelry.


This tip works the best with rings and the worst with bracelets. This can be done with different vermeils where the most popular ones remain yellow gold and rose gold.


7.   Pairing With Other Accessories To Add On


Lastly, to enhance your overall look with your sterling silver jewelry, the best thing that you can do is wear it with other accessories.


A classic way of doing this is wearing plain silver bracelets of different vermeils with your wristwatch. You can even try wearing elegant gemstone studded silver rings complementing your shoulder bag.


Mars Sterling Silver Jewelry - The Ultimate Style Guide

These are the top 7 styling tips for your sterling silver jewelry that you can follow to create the best look for yourself and slay it wherever you go.


My personal favorite one remains the one with the statement jewelry pieces because it brings out the wearer's character that speaks about their personality.


You can also consider various other factors while choosing your jewelry along with these tips. I am mentioning the most significant ones here.

Mars Sterling Silver Jewelry - The Ultimate Style Guide

Factors Impacting The Look And Feel Of Sterling Silver Jewelry


Here are the significant aspects that contribute to creating a good or bad look:


~ The Occasion

Your choice of jewelry will be different when you attend a marriage, your graduation day, or a funeral.


~ Time Of The Day

The jewelry that goes well during the daytime in natural sunlight may seem less as the evening dawns.


~ The Venue

Whether you are going to the Church, restaurant, or movies, your jewelry will vary based on that.


~ Dress Fabric

Your dress fabric will play a significant role here. Something that matches well with a cotton blend may not go with pure silk.


~ Attire Type

The type of attire will determine your choice of jewelry, so the jewelry you will wear with jeans and a top may not complement an evening gown.


~ Apparel Color

The color-play is vital when it comes to fashion and jewelry and when utilized nicely, it can make an ordinary jewelry item look fabulous.



When it comes to jewelry and fashion, there is no defined rule. Whatever feels good to your eyes when you stand in front of the mirror is the right look for you. Still, it helps to have the reference points in styling your sterling silver jewelry. And the jewels bought from the most trusted manufacturer of silver jewelry in Jaipur, an Indian city, will never disappoint anyone.


I hope this article has helped you identify your jewelry wearing style and preference.