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Our Story

Mars Jewellery came into being when two crazy minds filled with a fascination for gemstones and a brilliant aesthetic sense collaborated.


Making The Dream Of Gorgeous Jewelry A Reality


It all initiated when we decided to make these gorgeous gemstones available to every gemstone enthusiast like ourselves. And it appeared that these embedded in a silver setting will add a lot of value to them without adding much to their cost. That is how the idea of becoming a gemstone jewelry supplier was born.


From Being A Supplier To A Manufacturer


As we researched our potential market, we identified gaps in the supply chain of the semi-precious gemstone jewelry industry. And with the innate urge to solve problems, we immediately shifted our focus to fill those gaps. We wanted to make it easy for every stakeholder to get their hands on the best jewelry and run their business smoothly. That's when we decided to go a step further and establish ourselves as a gemstone jewelry manufacturer rather than being just the supplier.


Taking Pride In Bridging The Gaps In The Jewelry Industry


Although everything required effort, nothing was big enough to shake our determination. The possibility of creating our own jewelry designs motivated us to manufacture beautiful gemstone jewelry. Moreover, the picture we imagined of a flawless gemstone jewelry industry running smoothly in front of our eyes also played a significant role. Being the people of business, we always wanted a scenario where everyone involved must benefit from our initiative. We could fulfill our intention of becoming the biggest jewelry manufacturer and supplier by positioning ourselves in the supply chain at an initial level. So we, being the manufacturers, decided to keep our primary market to be the resellers and retailers running their jewelry stores of any kind.


Playing On Price To Make It Easy For Our Clients.


We had our intention and conscience clear about never pricing our jewelry unreasonably. In fact, we gave our potential clients the advantage of buying gorgeous semi-precious gemstone jewelry for their collections at manufacturing prices. This removed the unnecessary layers between them and us, thus removing any additional cost that doubles the actual cost of jewelry as it reaches the retail store.


From 2 To 50, Learning And Growing Together


We literally started with two people and eventually grew to be the most preferred and trusted name in the wholesale gemstone jewelry industry across the globe. Being gemstone collectors, we always knew where the best gems came from, so getting the most authentic ones to create our jewelry has never been a problem. Although sourcing them in large quantities while ensuring the quality has been a task initially.


We have personally worked at various steps involved in creating our jewelry. This included checking the raw stones as they reached our manufacturing unit from the mines. Then extract the neat material from the rocks and give them the desired finish. After that, sort every little piece to see the perfection and check if it passes the quality standards required to be embedded in our jewelry. We have even delivered the orders to our local clients ourselves with love.


By falling and getting up, we gained experience in our journey towards being the best. And it is evident in our work now.


Mars Jewellery - The Biggest Name In The Jewelry Manufacturing Industry!


The journey of going from local to global has never been easy. But it was our determination to be a successful wholesale jewelry manufacturer and supplier and the motivation to make the gemstone jewelry industry flawless that inspired us to keep moving through the ups and downs and thick and thin.


We are now a team of 15+ people who put their heart and soul into making every single piece of jewelry on which our brand name will be engraved. Moreover, we have a community of more than 50+ people directly or indirectly associated with us, including our miners, artisans, designers, retailers, and many more.


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