Why Does Sterling Silver Tarnish And How To Prevent It


Sterling silver is now becoming the preference of many people. There are many reasons for this shift in choice, and cost, durability, and availability are the primary ones.


But those who own any plain sterling silver jewelry item know that it has some drawbacks while being too beautiful. These may make the wearer think twice when they buy sterling silver jewelry online in India or elsewhere. The major one is that it tarnishes! No matter the popularity, people still have not developed confidence in it.


So to clear the doubts of many, today we will talk precisely about sterling silver tarnish. Also, we will see the reasons and the ways to prevent it.


After reading this blog, you will have all your doubts and misconceptions about sterling silver tarnish cleared.


What Is Sterling Silver Tarnish?


To get it easy, tarnishing to sterling silver is what rusting is to iron. It is basically the impact of external factors on the metal that diminishes its beauty.


It makes it less lustrous and gives it a blackish, yellowish, or greenish tint. When it is not treated on time, it can ruin it completely. There are many reasons for sterling silver tarnish, so let's see what these are.


Why Sterling Silver Tarnishes?


Although there are many reasons for this to happen, we will see the most common ones. Here household chemicals, exposure to unfavorable weather, and cosmetics are some of these.


So let's understand them in detail.


Reasons For Sterling Silver Tarnish


  1. Getting In Contact With Cleaning And Household Chemicals


This includes even the dishwashing liquid and soap. Since we know what sterling silver is, it becomes evident that continuous exposure to any such chemical will lead to its damage.


Surprisingly some people may think it will clean their jewelry, especially the sterling silver ring or bracelet they wear while doing the dishes. But experts say that this is not true. It may leave the soap particles in the crevices of the jewelry, and it will eventually end up reacting with the metal. Also, a proper way of cleaning your plain and gemstone studded sterling silver jewelry is more effective. It is better to follow that.


  1. Continuous Exposure To Water Or Humid Climate


It is recommended to remove your jewelry, especially sterling silver gemstone jewelry, as you get into the pool, go to the beach, or while bathing each day. Irresponsible exposure to water and no aftercare will lead to sterling silver tarnish. And honestly, it is practically not possible to follow a jewelry cleaning and caring regime each time you get it underwater.


If we take a closer look, water will not cause any significant damage to the metal. However, it will cause it to oxidize, thus ruining the look and feel that makes the jewelry attractive. Also, when it comes to a humid climate, it is believed that the humidity levels below 50% do not damage it.


  1. Getting Exposed To Cosmetics And Makeup


The number one rule of jewelry is to put it on last and remove it first. This means always wear your jewelry in the end and take it out first after the party is over. This will prevent the cosmetics from getting into the curves and save the jewelry from unnecessary wear and tear.


The cosmetics and makeup products contain chemicals that may be very compatible with your skin, but they are not with your jewelry. So never let them get in contact with your sterling silver jewelry. Even if this happens, clean it properly to prevent any damage.


These are the top three reasons that can cause your sterling silver gemstone jewelry to tarnish. Other reasons may include exposure to sweat or saltwater, chlorine, and other strong chemicals.


Now, since we know the reasons for sterling silver jewelry tarnish, let's see how to prevent it from happening.


How To Prevent Sterling Silver Tarnish?


As it is said, prevention is always better than cure, so why not follow it when it comes to your favorite sterling silver jewelry! Be it the pendant, bracelet, ring, or any other jewelry item made of this gorgeous metal.


Since you know the reasons for sterling silver tarnish, the best way to stop it from happening is obviously to avoid these reasons.


~ Ensure that you remove your jewelry before bathing or getting into a pool. Here apart from the risk of tarnish, it may also be lost. So always keep your jewelry in a safe place while you get into the water.


~ Another thing you can do is avoid wearing it while doing the household chores. It will prevent your sterling silver jewelry from tarnishing and also make it easier and more convenient for you to work.


~ If you live in a humid place or are planning an extended stay at one, avoid wearing sterling silver jewelry regularly. And if you still want it, you can refer to our jewelry care guide to elongate its life.


~ Never apply your makeup or any cosmetics while wearing jewelry. No matter how careful you can be, the products will get in contact with your sterling silver jewelry. Then slowly and eventually, they will start showing the negative impacts.


~ While performing a rigorous physical activity where there will be a lot of sweat, remove your jewelry. It will also make it lose its shine and brilliance. So no jewelry in the gym or while cycling or playing squash.


Pro Jewelry Care Tips From The Experts



Ensure to keep the jewelry, whether moonstone or opal jewelry or other wholesale gemstone silver jewelry, separately in an air-tight jewelry box to avoid moisture and scratches.



Ensure to clean your jewelry with soap and clear water when you wear your jewelry regularly. And after that, wipe the water away with a microfibre cloth.



When your sterling silver jewelry starts to tarnish, take it to the local jewelry retailer and get the polishing done to make it shine as new.


Follow our jewelry care regime or talk to the local jewelry retailer or wholesale silver jewelry manufacturer for more information about the prevention and cure of sterling silver tarnish.


Final Thoughts On Sterling Silver Tarnish And Its Prevention


Now you know the reasons and things to avoid to keep your wholesale 925 sterling silver jewelry as good as new for a lifetime. And these are really not that difficult to follow! And to buy the best quality Moonstone jewelry in India, you can always consider the best and the most authentic manufacturer of sterling silver jewelry.


So I hope this information will help you make a better purchase decision next time you visit your local sterling silver jewelry store. Also, this must-have removed the doubts about it from your mind. And if you still have some doubts, you can always talk to an expert to gain better clarity.